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If you can believe it, I was never into art when I was a kid. I don't know if it's because I grew up in very un-artistic environment (Singapore) or that no one showed me how lovely art could be. My creative outlet were more writing and music.

It was a culmination of a few things. The covid pandemic. Having pre-schoolers and being surrounded by art materials I bought them, living in this small community in rural Victoria where many creative people lived. And of course, falling in love with nature in my adulthood. 

I first picked up my kids paint brush and watercolour set and tried a few online tutorials on Youtube during one of the first covid lock downs. Then I started to order better supplies online and painted everyday. I started an Instagram account to log my progress and journal my thoughts on art. I didn't know I would have so many! Slowly my followers grew and my art evolved. It's still evolving today.

Today I am inspired mostly by nature. Flowers in particular. As flowers are the like the accents of the natural world. The show stoppers. The "look at me" wow factor. They are also delicate, fragile, fleeting. The beauty, depth, layers and variety of flowers is something nothing else can beat if you ask me. So they are my subject mainly for exploration, for joy, for freedom, for expressing what I feel inside.  

I paint to feel alive, I paint to express my inner world, and I paint for exploration, freedom and joy. I paint mostly in watercolour, but I sometimes dabble in landscapes, mixed media. I just love learning and growing and trying out new things.

I sell my original paintings on Etsy, create custom paintings, and have plans to do licensing work, teach watercolour workshops in person and online, maybe start a podcast and more! So many plans, can I do it all? I'm super excited.

Whatever it is, I am so honoured to have you join me on my creative journey.

When I'm not painting, I am busy being a mum to my 2 very active lively boys who are 7 and 10. A wife and a dog mum to our 2 year old cavoodle. We live in our adopted home in Warburton, Victoria Australia working from my home studio in the beautiful hills of this picturesque town. I am also a part time yoga teacher, teaching 2 times a week at a local studio.

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