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Life is already so complicated. Do we need to bring that into our art practice?

This movement is about creating a space for us to just be ourselves. To embrace our imperfections, our journey, our stories. To make art that is stress-free, joyful and most of all - Uncomplicated.


Would you like to...

Want to make play, experimentation and self-care a priority in your art practice, rather than self-loathing, criticism and fear?


Feel so overwhelmed by all the rules, steps, supplies, concepts, advise out there. And just want to approach art in an stress-free, relaxed, playful way?


Seeking a space to be seen and heard and have your art held in a safe space?

I bring this offering to you via Patreon, and there are 2 tiers of which you can join in.

So if you're ready to take your art practice with me to the next level by deepening your connection with yourself, your tools, and your intuition, come join me


Tier 1: Advocate 
US$5 a month

  • Ad-free & Early YouTube Videos - Watch of them ad-free & early (90+ videos in archive consisting of mostly painting tutorials, with a bunch of art supplies and art chats!)

  • Downloadable reference image when I post a tutorial on YouTube (from April 2024 onwards)

  • Access to the Uncomplicated Artist Movement Facebook community where I will be hanging out, commenting and discussing your paintings from my videos. Participate in polls for future videos and topics, and connect with other artists also wanting more freedom, joy and empowerment from their art! 

  • Your ongoing support of my channel where I upload 4 videos a month to Youtube.

  • *Occasional surprise bonus tutorials when I have the space and time to create.

Tier 2: Inner Circle
US$12 a month

In addition to the Advocate benefits, there are 2 additional benefits to this tier:

1.  One Inner Circle Tier Patreon Exclusive Tutorial video for you! 


2. You will be invited to take part in a Monthly Uncomplicated Artist Circle on LIVE on Zoom. This will not be your regular painting class. And here’s how:

  • Each month will center around a topic/theme. Such as self-care, or balance, perfectionism or flow. These topics usually will be a cross over from art to life. Something I deeply care about and resonate with.

  • The session will be run will be in a circle format where I will drop into the space together through a short anchoring meditation that I will be guiding.

  • After we have landed, we will  share and discuss the topic and how it relates to our art practice and life.

  • We will then get into the painting of the month.

  • And we will close with a sharing session from participants (volunteer of course) where everyone can share what they have painted, closing thoughts on the topic and theme or anything else.

  • This will be in total about 90mins each month (longer if needed), LIVE.

  • This LIVE will usually be held on the 4th Tuesday on the month.

  • I will do 2 LIVE sessions on the day to cater to different timezones. One at 7.30am EST, and 2nd one at 8pm EST (we will change these 2 times month to month). You can chose which one to join, or join both if you like!  

  • Recordings of these LIVEs will be available on Patreon if you can't attend either.


I made a video in case you prefer not reading. (I totally know how that feels)


How will the Inner Circle LIVE be different from other painting LIVE streams?

  • Instead of a one-way communication, It is way more powerful to be in a ‘circle’ where all artists on the call get to participate, share and learn from each other.

  • My role in this is not just teaching you how I paint, but to also hold space for us to have a deeper connection to yourself, your painting, and even each other.

  • Every artist will have a chance to be seen and heard in this circle in a non-judgemental way.

  • Think of it as an intimate, sacred women’s circle but through our art.

  • We learn mostly from each other’s stories, wisdoms, practice. This group I hope will consist of people from different backgrounds, ages, truths. And this is where the deepest wisdoms are unearthed from. From one another.

  • Art can be a very isolating practice. See this as a club we can come together to paint as a group. Swaps stories and experiences and make friendships.

  • The biggest block I hear from artists who comment on my socials, is the fear of failing. Perfectionism. Wanting to paint looser and in a more freer style. And there is nothing like a group-mind that can help unblock these mindsets.

  • Leave each monthly feeling inspired, refreshed, energised and uplifted from the group energy and group painting.

What if I am not the ‘sharing’ type? Can I just be quiet and turn my camera off?

Of course not everyone is an extrovert and like to share. You can totally take your own time to be comfortable in the group and share when you are ready. Sometimes just being part of the group, but being the quieter ones will have a transformational effect on you. We respect your boundaries and only open up when you are ready. 🙂

What if I can’t attend the LIVE due to the timezone issues?

Each month, I will do 2 LIVEs in one day, to cater to different timezones. One usually at 7.30am EST (11am GMT), and another at 5.30pm (9pm GMT). You can chose which one to attend, or come to both! The topic will be the same, but we will paint something different.

In any case, recordings of all LIVE will be available to watch.

And when will it be held?

Currently I am scheduling it for the last Tuesday of the month, evening 5pm in winter (7.30pm in summer) Eastern Standard Time. This will be subject to change from time to time to suit majority of the artists who join. 

Will this be run all year round? 12 times a year?

Yes I will endevour to show up for you every month. But in the event where we may miss a month due to school holidays or any other circumstance, there will be a make up session in the next month.

What level of art do I need to be to join?

ANY level. Whether you have never painted before, just started, or painted for 20 years. This circle is an artist circle for every artist to come, connect to their art, learn from me and each other and bring their own magic and experience to the table.

What supplies do I need each month?

Watercolour paint. Watercolour paper (100% cotton cold press is what I prefer using, but you can use whatever you like!) Paintbrushes of various shapes and sizes. I like my round brushes size 6 and up all the way to 16. And I also use flat brushes (1/2 in and 3/4 in) as well as filbert brushes. Occasionally I may bring out my neocolour2s, gold paint, inks and other fun watercolour stuff. So bring what you have and we can wing it!

Will I get feedback on my painting?

Upload your painting to our facebook community and I will definitely respond to your painting in the comments. It will not be a super long, detailed feedback as this circle is open to a lot of people to keep the price of the session down. But if you’d like more personal guidance on your art, you can chat with me about private zoom lessons.

How is Crystal qualified to facilitate this?

15 years as a yoga instructor has deepen my own practice and relationship with my body. I have hundreds of hours of leading groups in meditation, yoga and sharing circles.

I paint fiercely and loosely and I believe in the power of being seen. and the connection and transformational power of LIVE group energy.

How long will this Uncomplicated Artist Movement run?

As long as this Patreon exists!

Can I cancel my Patreon anytime?

Yes anytime.

Need more reasons?

Crystal Tan Art-57.jpg


Deepen your practice

Crave a deeper connection with yourself, your practice and your intuition.


Intuitively healing

Know intuitively that art isn’t just about whats on the paper or canvas, but it permeates throughout life and see it as a place for solace, for finding yourself, or even just for an escape.


Connect with fellow artists

You’d like to connect with fellow artists and delve into juicy topics relating to art but also beyond art.


You vibe with me

You’ve watched my videos on Youtube and you resonate with the way I teach and create and would like to connect with me LIVE.

So let's go deeper. Let's connect. Let's play. 
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