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Wow 2023 is really here now

Wow. We are already hurtling towards the end of March. Where has the new year gone? It's been a minute or so since I updated my blog and wow. There has been so many updates and movements for me in my personal life as well as my art life! Let's take a moment to breathe and let's do this update!

For most of January and a bit of Feb, we were travelling. My family and I went to Europe in Winter! We spent a wonderful week in London watching musicals, visiting old forts and castles, visiting old friends, and just enjoying time as a family, and as tourists. My kids loved Harry Potter Studio and London was just a smashing good fun. We then spent another 10 days in a few different cities in Spain which was amazing as well. This was with my husband's extended family and it was our annual Chinese New Year Destination Family Holiday we take. So that was crazy amazing. Spain. Just wow. Then we headed back to Singapore for another 10 days of just hanging out with family and friends and celebrating the rest of Chinese New Year there. We finally came back to Warburton in the middle of Feb. Kids started school. We just settled back into life here in general.

I sat and envisioned what was going to be instore for me for my art business in 2023. And there had always been this little voice inside that wondered what it would be like to teach watercolour. To share my work from a teaching perspective. To share my process in a way that's more in depth than instagram. Late last year, through instagram, I had been approached to design an online 5 week watercolour class for an online art school anyway. This was going to happen in August but I knew I had to start getting ready before then. And as part of providing details and course outline to this school, they asked for a 2 - 10 min video, that shows my work, describe my course and all that. And I was like.... Video eh? Hmmmmm.... I mean, I have been toying with starting a YouTube channel for a while now. And when I mean toying, I really mean, just throwing ideas around in my head how my channel would look like. But I really didn't think I'd do it.

How it all came together was ... because of this online course I am scheduled to teach in August, and this video I had to make, I started getting gear. I upgraded my iphone to the latest 14proMax (because I like the cinematic mode of blurring the background), I bought some good overhead light gear based on recommendation by my friend Jillian (kraftyfox on instagram) who had bought one. I had a wireless mic from the time I made a couple of Yoga videos. I had a tripd lying around (not sure why) I knew I had iMovie. My Macbook Pro was pretty new. My studio is a beautiful quiet place to film. My kids were back in school. I wanted to paint. So I thought, ok how about I start to just film my painting in long form, talking as I paint, and see how it all goes?

And that was the start of it. This was me playing around for about a week Late Feb, And only 27 Feb 2023, I uploaded my first video on Youtube - Vintage Roses in Loose Watercolour Style Part 1. On 28 Feb, I posted Part 2, and on 1st March I posted Part 2. On 1st March, with 3 videos, I told my Instagram community about it and it's been so so so much fun ever since! Fast forward to 23 days later. In less than a month, I have uploaded 16 long form videos, I have 611 subscribers & 1000 hrs of watch time. I am definitely been guilty of being in this YouTube Obsession in this first month. I'm definitely guilty of checking my subs multiple times a day to see if it's gone up and by how much. In the first 10 days or so, the growth was fast. And then maybe in the last 10 days, it's slowed down to perhaps 10-15 new subs a day instead of the 30 - 50 subs a day at the start. But it's ok! I have been also watching a ton of Youtube videos about Youtube growth and everyone says it's a long game. So what I can do this energy is really to keep making the videos! I currently have 6 videos made and edited. And it's so hard not to upload them all at once! I know I will have 3 weeks where I can't make any, So I need to be at least 6 videos ahead at least.

Anyway. I don't know if I can sustain this long term? But what I know is that Youtube has so far been very rewarding in terms of effort put in... to the reach I get. Videos I made weeks ago is still being watched today. Unlike Instagram where it just disappears and it wont get any more views beyond 1 or 2 days. It sucks. Instagram is draining. Youtube is where I will spend more of my time in now. I just know. This longer form content is also I realise a deeper way people can connected with me. And I love that.

Anyway, this first month has been crazy intense. And I am loving it so much. And excited to see where it goes. I am finding my voice with every new video I make. And slowly actually discovering my USP, my unique voice in this world of teaching art. I believe I bring a different energy. A certain aliveness. And I realise too how I am blending my experience and love for yoga, for connectedness and desire to re-wild my soul and being into nature... into my teaching of art. Sometimes without planning, I would drop in my passion and knowledge of being one with the flow, into the video and into my teaching, I hope is powerful and resonate with you.

My art practice is a sacred and special ritual I have for myself. And I am so happy and honoured and privilege to be able to share it with the world. Via Youtube.

Come check out my channel, and subscribe if you haven't already. Love to see you there. And maybe you'd like to watch the video I made of Why I Started this Youtube Channel

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