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Yoga or Art

Yesterday I taught my last yoga class in my backyard studio, as I make way for it to become my art studio. For a while, I have been feeling guilty about 'abandoning' my yoga career for this shiny new art career. It's also happening at a time I have been really gaining traction with a lot more new students coming to my classes since we got out of covid. How was I to ignore my organic growth of my yoga career and pursue this other thing that is still so new, where I am still so inexperienced at? I felt I was in a dilemma and hesitated.

It wasn't that I was abandoning my business completely. There is a beautiful local studio in the town where I can rent the space twice a week and continue teaching. I was teaching there before, when I only had 2, 3 and sometimes just 1 person coming to class. And it was available on the days I was teaching! I mean, how serendipidous is that?

But the moment I realised I wanted to do this now and do this immediately, was when I worked out that Yoga for me, is a need. It was a necessity. It was my baseline to function in my life. I needed to practice, and by teaching I was living and practicing it. It was linked to my root chakra, my foundation. Of which without, I would crumble and fall. But it isn't my desire.

Creating art is my desire. My goal. My pursuit of purpose and perfection. I realised, that all the years of yoga, helped aligned me to where I am today, to this artist life. Without yoga, I wouldnt have been intuned, embodied, connected enough to have been. led to this moment here and now. So much of the decisions of where we should live (Creative, magical Warburton), where our kids went to school (Artistic, Nature based Steiner school), and how we lived our life, is shaped by my yoga practice.

And while yoga was related to my root chakra, my survival needs. Art is related to my sacral, solar, heart, voice, intuition, intellect and wisdom chakra. It does feel like that. Thats why its so powerful. I honestly do feel this intense creative energy within. It's the flow. It's the play, it's the joy, it's the expression and freedom. And I could not have found it without yoga. I truly believe that.

And so, it made sense that yoga stepped aside, not thrown away. But just step aside to allow this new energy to flow. The art, the creativity, the connection I feel with it. It's truly like nothing I've felt before.

Thanks for reading till here! My first post had 7 views. WOW! I love that. After enjoying the crazy wild success of instagram with the thousands of views. It's nice to just go back to long format, that goes deep but with a smaller audience.

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